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Grey Sky Films has nearly 20 years of experience producing awesome, professional video content. We’re one tight crew, and that closeness translates to the relationships we have with our clients. We’ve got the kick-ass skills to create an efficient and super exciting video production experience. Going above and beyond for our clients is what we’re all about — it’s part of our culture! Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we kinda rock at making our clients look awesome.

Mark Serao

Co-Founder, Director, Executive Producer

Mark’s passion and determination go way beyond his love of hair metal and playing the drums. He co-founded GSF 19 years ago and to this day drives projects forward as a producer and director. Mark’s meticulousness and dedication fuel every production, whether he’s filming, coordinating, or working on creative with the rest of the team.

Chris Vaglio

Co-Founder | Sales & Business Development

Chris might just be the most friendly, fun-loving guy you’ll ever meet. A co-founder of GSF, Chris leads our Business Development team and loves meeting new people, learning about them, and helping them! Chris is a mega-Star Wars fan, and in his spare time hosts the podcast “Galaxy of Geeks” about Star Wars, comics, TV, and film.

Dana Serao

Director of Production

Whether Dana is writing, producing, developing creative, or editing, her creativity and dedication constantly shine through. Dana loves finding thoughtful and innovative approaches to every script, shot, or edit. While she’s dedicated to her work, Dana lives for a good beach vacation, cooking vegan food, and spending time with her family.

Cathy Beck

Senior Account Executive & Project Manager

If Grey Sky Films was a band, Cathy would be our bassist. Not just because she IS a bassist, but because she’s a team player who drives momentum while adding depth and resonance to every project! Assertive, forward-thinking, and caring, Cathy works with both clients and the production team to deliver rock star-caliber guidance and support.

Matt Horutz

Producer | Director | DP

Matt is meticulous and creative behind the camera, on set, and all-around. He’s also our Director of Photography, lending his technical skills to filming, lighting, and shot composition. Matt’s a huge Yankees fan, loves Westerns, and Star Wars. He likes drumming in his band, playing softball, record collecting, and having fun with his kids.

Michael Prince


Michael’s love of film goes beyond lending his editing and storytelling skills. Michael LOVES watching movies, talking about them, listening to podcasts about them, and making them! Michael enjoys weaving together storytelling elements and finding creative new approaches to his work. What else can’t Michael live without? Music, iced tea, and hugs! 

Eric in an office setting.
Eric Dubnoff

Producer | Director | DP

Eric is our resident nerd or tech-geek. He’s super talented in the technical department. Eric works in both production and post-production filming, editing, assisting with lighting and audio, and more. Eric loves to travel and his favorite hobbies are photography and using drones (See? NERD!). He can’t live without a camera, sports, and meat.

Joe Kaplan in an office setting.
Joe Kaplan

Chief Operating Officer

Joe is a proven leader and key influencer in corporate organizations, having been a Senior Marketing Executive in CIT Group, Post Foods, and Nabisco. Joe is also an entrepreneur with extensive start-up expertise. He was the co-founder and CEO of eGolfScore, a real-time mobile golf technology company that developed one of the first mobile apps.

Julianna in an office setting.
Julianna Lopez

Business Development & Project Manager

Julianna is a master organizer, storyteller, and content strategist and creator. Julianna works with the team to ensure clients can share the right story with their audience. Julianna loves reading, working on her own creative writing projects, annoying her friends and family by figuring out the ending of movies before them, and dancing.

Monty in an office setting.
John “Monte” Montelione


Monte’s passion is editing and he has a unique style and flair. He’s worked with every NYC ad agency and has the awards to prove it. He’s edited every genre and loves jumping into projects, like his Italian namesake, the Mountain Lion! Monte is an Italian chef with an arsenal of recipes. When he’s not cutting video, he’s cutting vegetables!

Heather in an office setting.
Heather Eyrich

Sales & Business Development Leader

Heather believes partnerships produce the best work. Clients trust her because she treats their challenges like her own. She’s worked on the creative execution on major brand campaigns, network TV shows, video content, and more. Heather is a huge baseball fan and loves raising her boy/girl twins — which has elevated her skills to rock star status!

Brian in an office setting.
Brian Mackewich

Director of Animation

Brian embraces the colliding realms of digital media, graphics, and animation. A journeyman editor, mixer, producer, and post-production supervisor in film, broadcast, and advertising, Brian aims to always “deliver the goods”! When he’s not in the office, Brian loves playing with his band, kayaking, or playing with his puppy, LuLu

Chelsey Pendock

Advertising Strategist

Chelsey is an award-winning advertising strategist who started in local and national advertising for FOX and NBC. She’s developed media campaigns for small shops and large corporations that are cost-efficient, effective, results-driven campaigns. Chelsey enjoys movies, tasting craft beer with her husband, and cuddling with her kitty, Penny Pendock!

Matt Szczerbienski

Producer | Director | DP

Matt’s been filming since he was a kid. He’s passionate about learning and experimenting with new tools or familiar equipment to best support each project. Before joining Grey Sky, Matt traveled the country shooting for National Geographic, The History Channel, and AMC. When he’s not loading the production van, Matt’s gearing up for his next adventure. He’s visited 15 foreign countries on 6 continents — only 180 countries to go!

Shane Free

Senior Editor

Shane began his editing career in Hollywood, delivering award-winning trailers for both big-budget productions and small indie films. As a filmmaker, he was a semi-finalist in the annual Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" commercial contest and made a true-crime documentary about a 1928 witchcraft murder. Shane likes 80's nostalgia, the Buffalo Bills, and is currently experiencing back pain from being wrapped around his daughter's finger.


We could go on and on about the work we do and how much we love doing it, or you can hear all about it from our clients, a.k.a. our raving fans! We’re so thankful for the kind words shared by our clients below; they are the true reward for partnering with great companies and great people.  

Amy Evans

VP of Sales & Marketing, Troemner

“We want our customers to feel special. And when we come to Grey Sky Films, we feel special…”

Toby Wolf

Director of Marketing, Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

“Working with Grey Sky Films was full-service! The Grey Sky team took everything I was looking for and put it all together seamlessly.”

Jennifer LoBianco

Chief Marketing Officer, AFR & eLEND

“A lot of times I have a certain ROI to hit, and it’s always done with Grey Sky Films. They work on task, on target, and on time.”

Karla Traficante

Director of Sales & Marketing, Crane’s Mill

“Grey Sky stood out to us…we’d get the type of film we were looking for and the professionalism that went along with it.”

Donald Anfuso

Vice President, Homeland Lending LLC

“There’s nothing to be scared of when you’re working with a company that cares about who and what you are.”

Mike Edwards

Sr. Director Consumer Marketing, LEO Pharma

“They hit the nail on the head in terms of quality. I knew the videos were going to be a success…”

Paul Neuman

Chief Creativity Officer, Neuman’s Kitchen

“To work with a group as collaborative, as creative as Grey Sky Films is just a pleasure.”

George Sous

Regional Public Affairs Manager, PSE&G

“Grey Sky went above and beyond to respect and accommodate PSE&G’s strong culture of safety. They were lean and mean…”

Jess Spataro

Graphic & Brand Designer, Studio Eagle

“We needed the same quality of work we deliver to our clients, and the Grey Sky team exceeded our expectations.”

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