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Who our clients are

Our clients are the driving force behind the passion we get to pour into every project, and each one is unique. They vary in size, shape and industry: food, beverage and grocery, lifestyle, exercise and wellness, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical, restaurants, imports and exports, law and government agency, industrial and mechanical, manufacturing, hotel and hospitality, automobile, education, non-profits, music and entertainment, and so much more.

Types of videos

"The limit does not exist!" We create commercials, commercial content, commercial campaigns, social campaigns, corporate videos, non-profit videos, testimonials, overviews, product demonstrations, product videos for e-commerce, virtual tours, orientation videos, onboarding and recruitment videos, brand videos, documentaries and short films, training and how-to videos, animation and motion graphics.

If you need creative content for your website, social feeds, broadcasts or digital advertising, we'd love to become your preferred video production vendor.


Grey Sky Films is a full services video production agency, meaning we can provide any and all services from start to finish - from creative conception and visualization, content development, including storyboarding, moodboarding and scripting, to all pre-production activities like casting, location scouting, scheduling, and shot lists, production services including set design and builds, lighting design, filming, props, hair, make-up, wardrobe and craft services, all the way through to post-production which includes editing, sound editing, mixing and mastering, sound design, music, color correction and color grading, titling, graphics and animation. We are your one-stop shop for all your video production needs.

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