Video has proven to be the strongest tool for any businesses or brand, benefitting every area of a business or organization: sales and marketing, operations, training, internal or external communications and so much more!

This is because video is impactful, memorable, and also efficient – favored over text and still images.  Across the board, video has also proven to benefit or enhance key metrics, such as email opens, clicks, purchases and more.

Take a look at this handful of strong recent video statistics:

video marketing statistics


Learn more about how to use video in your marketing strategy, how to incorporate video techniques into your marketing funnel, and how to get started working with a video production company.



Infographic Resources:

The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics, 2017, Hubspot.

27 Video Stats for 2017, Insivia.

Mark Serao

Author Mark Serao

Mark Serao, Co-founder and Director of Production at Grey Sky Films, has had an eye on brand building from an early age. Inspired by the music industry and how record companies use a grassroots marketing strategy to build their artists/brands, Mark set out to apply those same fundamentals to the business community. Since 2001, Grey Sky Films has worked with businesses, both large and small, to increase market share by producing compelling video that evokes emotion and subsequently creates more sales opportunities.

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