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Genius of Play: Worldwide Headquarters of Play

We partnered with Coyne PR to produce a public service announcement (PSA) for The Toy Association to emphasize the importance of play for children and adults alike. 

Coyne’s SVP and Executive Creative Director, Rob Schnapp, championed the project and developed the overall concept for the shoot: “The idea behind the [spot] was to emphasize the importance of play for mental and physical well-being. We wanted to show the real, human, multi-generational truth behind play. So the idea of using blanket forts creates this very relatable, open-ended definition of imaginative play — everyone’s built a fort at some point in their life!”

We took Schnapp's idea for blanket forts as the Worldwide Headquarters of Play and ran with it, coming up with 5 distinct, themed forts for each of the families to play in. To carry out our artistic direction and design for each fort, we teamed up with Director of Photography, Matthew Santo — known for his work on HBO’s hit series Girls and SNL — for the production. "[The video] is great! It fulfilled the picture I had in my head and beyond," said Schnapp.

9 Deliverables

We created a total of nine different versions of this spot for a variety of platforms.

The :60 and the :30 commercials were broadcast on television nationwide, while the :15 and six shorter cuts (all between :06 and :10 seconds) were used online for both social and digital ad campaigns including pre-roll ads.

We also shot a multitude of photographs to be used as static banner ads, social posts, and other digital ads, all to be used in conjunction with the television commercials, and social videos for the World Wide Headquarters of Play campaign.

20,000,000+ impressions

Since the national commercial campaign launched in March, the spots have garnered over 20,000,000 impressions online, over 3,400 airings on television, and more than $1.3 million in donated media value.

14 Actors

We worked with 14 actors, 8 kids under the age of 12 and 6 adults, for the shoot. We filmed at 2 different locations over the course of 2 days. For the two nighttime scenes, we filmed at Buttertree Studios in East Hanover. For the three daytime scenes, we filmed in a private home in New Jersey.

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Rob Schnapp

SVP, Executive Creative Director

"I've worked with GSF on several projects over several years and I knew they would knock it out of the park with the production. Mark Serao, as a director, is very observant, very collaborative with no ego, and he's great at problem-solving. It was a fun [project] to do!"

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