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Over the winter our friends at Coyne PR approached us with the desire to film an online video campaign for their client – Entenmann’s. These short :15 spots would be seen all over the web, social media, YouTube, and as commercial ads that would play during streaming videos and shows on Hulu, Roku and Amazon. 

To say we were excited, is an understatement. Most of us grew up in New Jersey and remember having Entenmann’s Crumb Cake or Chocolate Glazed Donuts at many family get-togethers over the years. We were all looking forward to the Entenmann’s leftovers at the end of the day!

The Campaign

The idea behind this online video campaign was to show a playful interaction between family members while snacking on the Minis. Coyne PR and Entenmann’s wanted to highlight three different snack cake products in the spots – Crumb Cake, Brownie Chocolate Chip Cakes, and Apple Pie.

The Production

Each of the spots takes place in a home, with two family members. Grey Sky Films takes filming during COVID-19 very seriously, so we needed to make sure that our crew and cast members would be safe during production without fear of exposure to the virus. In addition to our standard COVID-19 protocols, we also decided to film in a large studio in East Hanover – Buttertree Studios, and to cast real family members. Utilizing real family members allowed the cast members to be filmed without masks, all while staying in their safe, family “bubble”.

Casting for real family members presented its own set of challenges. Sometimes only one family member would be an actor, or both would be, but with different backgrounds and experiences. We were fortunate to have had a large selection of submissions to comb through and in the end, found the perfect family members to take part in our production.

The End Result

Our original goal for this online video campaign was to produce three :15 spots, and we exceeded that goal! We ended up creating the original three :15 spots, plus a long-form :30 of the Apple Pie spot with a “bonus scene”. We also created a string-out of all the spots that equals a :60.


Mark Serao

Author Mark Serao

Mark Serao, Co-founder and Director of Production at Grey Sky Films, has had an eye on brand building from an early age. Inspired by the music industry and how record companies use a grassroots marketing strategy to build their artists/brands, Mark set out to apply those same fundamentals to the business community. Since 2001, Grey Sky Films has worked with businesses, both large and small, to increase market share by producing compelling video that evokes emotion and subsequently creates more sales opportunities.

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