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Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s Cheese, a mainstay on Bleeker Street, came to us through their importer, Atalanta, requesting a video series featuring several of their Italian and Spanish imported products. They wanted to showcase the process, from farm-to-table, so we hopped on a plane to Italy and Spain to create videos for Parmigiano Reggiano, Proscuitto di Parma, Asiago, Manchego, and Marcona Almonds. While abroad, we filmed b-roll of the well-loved animals and the hard-working cheesemonger on the farms, in the processing facilities, and the retail stores and aging rooms. We also filmed interviews with all of the folks involved who bring these delicious products to market.

We created two separate video series: Real Talk — which included candid interviews about the origins of each product and how the culture strives to maintain the authenticity of their processes, and How It’s Made — which showcased the process from start to finish, farm-to-table. The videos were intended to be educational, and to promote the cheeses as a natural, historical product. 

Filmed with English, Italian and Spanish speaking product representatives, post production became a unique challenge. We first translated the video interviews from their native language into english, and did paper cuts - meaning, we edited the video without watching the video. Using the timecodes and guidance from Murray's we were then able to cut the video together with subtitles. By having the testimonies done in their native languages, we were able to preserve the passion and authenticity the farmers, cheese-makers, and consortium delegates feel for the cheese, meats, and almonds.


Campaigns across 2 countries

We flew from Newark to Italy and Spain to create separate video series focusing on the origin story of each product and the processes that bring these farm-to-table products to market.

12 videos

We filmed five different types of products: Parmigiano Reggiano, Asiago, Prosciutto de Parma, Marcona Almonds, and Manchego cheese. With the long-form and short-form versions of the edits, we created 12 videos in total.


In order to bridge the gap between the history of the countries, products and the men and women who create them, we also filmed for a day in Manhattan at the Murray's Cheese location. 

animal "well-care"

We encountered A LOT of animals in our travels across Italy and Spain, all of which were well-cared for. The farmers in these countries treat their animals like pets, so it was obvious that every cow, sheep and pig was loved.

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