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In 2018, we created a social media video campaign for Mifroma cheese’s newest specialty release, the Fondue Express Cup. This four-video series featured the tagline “How Do You Fondue” and demonstrated the various ways in which a microwavable fondue cup could be used. Mifroma had very little influence here in the US, so these videos were designed to be eye-catching, fun, and entertaining. We created four initially and then an additional 8 micro-content versions to post on mobile and social.

In early 2019, Mifroma approached us to create another round for the campaign, this time demonstrating “Where Do You Fondue”. As Mifroma is a Swiss brand, creating genuine cheese from Switzerland, we designed a new video campaign around being transported to Switzerland.



Mifroma also expressed the need for table-top recipe videos to showcase their AOP Gruyère Cheese - the only Gruyère Cheese that’s AOP certified and made the way that Gruyère Cheese had been made since the early 1100s. We worked with our friends from Fish.Eye Design to create six recipe videos that craved attention. The Fish.Eye team also photographed these recipes for a booklet that would be distributed in future print marketing campaigns. 


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