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Crack a Seltzer, Not A Nail

Another perfect pairing with Grey Sky Films and Coyne PR! The team at Coyne PR approached us with a request to create videos for a social media campaign featuring an influencer and a brand new product by Hornitos Tequila. Let's just say it - we were EXCITED.

The Ask.

Hornitos was gearing up to launch their very own hard seltzer. Made with their bold plata Tequila in yummy lime and mango flavors. They needed to find a way to make a splash in an already saturated market. The solution? Bring in a social media influencer and launch the campaign on National Tequila Day.

Meet Chaun.

Chaun Legend - nail artist to the stars. Chaun is a social media icon. With more than 1.4 million followers that include celebrities like Kloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, Dua Lipa and so many more, he was the perfect choice to help co-sponsor and launch the new Hornitos Hard Seltzer.

The Production.

The Coyne PR team came up with some clever creative to connect the Hornitos Seltzer with Chaun Legend. They coined the tagline "Crack a Seltzer, Not A Nail" giving Chaun the opportunity to create a set of gorgeous Hornitos branded nails. Bold Lime green and bright Mango orange swirls atop three inch long matte finish acrylics. This set the stage to show Chaun as a nail expert, and as a teaching moment for others with long, beautiful nails. Chaun shares three tips to literally crack a seltzer, not a nail.

We filmed in a New York City loft with breathtaking views out of the west facing windows. In order for it to feel like a small, friendly gathering, we brought in four extras to fill in the space behind our main character and Chaun. Our set designer filled the space with touches of greens, beiges and yellow/oranges to enhance the brand. And our wardrobe stylist and make-up artist brought the street-wear look to life for our actors. 

The size of this campaign also required lots of still photography as well. Our videos would live on both the Hornitos and Chaun's social media pages (InstaStories) and the photography would be for ads and PR. It can be challenging to accomplish both video and photography in the same day - a challenge we face frequently and are always ready for! While we were filming with Chaun and our actors, a photographer was just off set shooting product shots. In between takes she was able to jump in and grab some shots of the actors with the product as well. It was a really successful day!

Behind The Scenes

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the Hornitos "Crack A Seltzer, Not A Nail" production!

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