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Let's get one thing straight here. Grana Padano is NOT the same as Parmigiano Reggiano! [Insert laugh track here]. And that was the mission at hand. Our partner and food importer, Atalanta, needed help introducing this side of the globe to a secret Italians have known about for centuries. 

We wanted to create a tried-and-true style of video - the Man On The Street/testimonial style. So by visiting several market bodegas throughout Manhattan, we stopped shoppers and quizzed them on all things they should know about Grana Padano - how long it's aged for, how many gallons of milk it takes to create a wheel, and more. And the grand prize? Grana Padano cheese! The result is a humorous, and educational product video that successfully introduced the cheese to New Yorkers. 

Ever tried it? Not sure what to do with it? Check out the second video series we did for Grana Padano, "Cooking with Nonna". 

Cooking with Nonna

The second series we created for Atalanta and Grana Padano was a cooking show where the old world meets the new world. Within each of the four videos, a sweet Italian Nonna (grandmother) cooks with her granddaughter. The granddaughter has a few surprises up her sleeve, namely in revamping some of her grandmother's signature recipes! Putting a healthy and modern spin on some traditonal Italian specialites certainly makes us hungry! And of course, topping it all off with the superstar, Grana Padano. 

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