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Stiegl Beer is a very popular beverage in Europe, but when it comes to their US footprint, their notoriety was lacking. Enter: Grey Sky Films. After completing a campaign for another client of theirs, Chimay Beer, US distributor the Global Beer Network asked us to create social media promotional videos to bring their #stieglmoments and #takestiegloutside campaigns to life.

Since Stiegl is a lifestyle brand - and their Grapefruit Radler is most often enjoyed while outside, doing light sport activities ie: bike riding - we wanted to create branded pieces for their campaign that really showed off how and when someone might be drinking Stiegl. Fun fact - Radler means bicycle!

So we found a handful of actors and went into the woods to mimic a weekend getaway for the group. They hiked, biked, fished and kayaked, all while enjoying a refreshing Stiegl beer.


Filming at the Crystal Springs Mountain-Top Resort in Vernon, NJ was fun, and a little scary. With the threat of hungry, ready-to-hibernate bears, extra-large wolf spiders, impending rain, and zero cell reception, we managed to transport a bus-load of NYC actors to the very top of Hamburg Mountain to enjoy some of Stiegl’s Grapefruit Radler, outside.

social content

Working off their “Alpine Corona” brand identity, we created a series of vignettes for their Grapefruit Radler that worked as a single video and standalone pieces that spoke to the 24-30 Millennial generation.

These social videos were shared on Facebook and Instagram and needed to be both horizontally oriented (16x9) and square cut (1:1).

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