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Entenmann’s was celebrating a landmark achievement: 120 years in business. In honor of their birthday, our partners at Coyne PR approached us with an idea to create a social media public relations campaign that included a commercial of Entenmann’s lovers wishing the centenarian company a very happy birthday.  We cast a whole slew of actors across all ages and demographics to come in and show off their singing chops - Aca-Pella style.



Since being posted to YouTube a little over a year ago, the video celebrating Entenmann’s 120th birthday has garnered millions of views. That’s a lot of birthday candles to blow out!

After the huge success of the Happy Birthday campaign, Coyne PR approached us with another project for Entenmann’s - to create short, micro-content promoting the bite-size and travel-ready Entenmann’s Mini’s product line.


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