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Chimay Beer and Cheese is a very old brand, dating back to the mid 1800s, and made by monks in a monastery in Belgium. Our client, Atalanta, wanted to create a series of videos for Chimay cheese and beer, pairing the two for the first time in a social media campaign aimed at a US audience. We developed the tagline, "Cut, Sip, Repeat" as a way to demonstrate how seamlessly the cheese and beers pair together. We enlisted the help of Fish.Eye Design to develop recipes, create those beer and cheese pairings, and also shoot photographs that would be used in print and digital campaigns. Grey Sky Films took those recipes and created a series of videos to be used on social platforms. Together, we created a cohesive digital and print marketing campaign to introduce Chimay cheese and its beer counterparts to the United States.

We filmed in one day, at the Tannery Studios in Stanhope, NJ, and created a look and feel that mimicked the old-world branding of Chimay while marrying it with some more modern textures and props. We simultaneously filmed the video portion while Fish.Eye shot the photographs, making the most of the day. 

We wanted these videos to stand out from the crowd. We combined the look and feel of traditional "Tasty" or "Buzzfeed" style recipe videos with a bit of sass and snark with a scripted voiceover. We also wanted to make sure the action being captured on camera felt authentic, so we brought in a real chef to be our on-camera talent.

Chimay premiered these videos at the Summer Fancy Food in June 2019, and they were an instant hit. Our goal of acknowledging Chimay's rich and storied history while modernizing their voice and identity was a success and caught the eye of their beer importer, Global Beer Group, which we've since done a series of videos for.


Total Videos

We created four promotional recipe videos as part of the original campaign, and then worked with the Chimay Social Media team to create an additional 11 micro-content deliverables to post on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Bottles of Beer

While filming the recipe videos and the still photography, our crew went through approximately 34 bottles of a variety of delicious Chimay Beer.


A Behind The Scenes Look at Chimay Cheese & Beer


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