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Chimay presented at Summer Fancy Food in June 2019 and took that as an opportunity to breathe new life into their brand through video. The goal was to acknowledge Chimay's rich and storied history while modernizing their voice and identity. This is the first video in a series of four that they played in their booth.


Total Videos

We created four promotional recipe videos as part of the original campaign, and then worked with the Chimay Social Media team to create an additional 11 micro-content deliverables to post on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Bottles of Beer

While filming the recipe videos and the still photography, our crew went through approximately 34 bottles of a variety of delicious Chimay Beer.

A Behind The Scenes Look at Chimay Cheese & Beer

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Mark Serao

Director and Executive Producer

“We knew going in that it was going to be a tight schedule, but once we got into a groove, we were able to move pretty quickly through each recipe and make sure Fish.Eye got the pictures they needed for the recipe booklet. It was a really fun shoot!”

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