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The New Facebook: What You Need to Know About the Platform’s Redesign

Julianna Lopez | Feb 20, 2020

Social Media Platforms

We put together an infographic detailing the updates Facebook made in September and October, however, Facebook has since made major design changes to both the desktop and mobile versions of the app. 

The changes, commonly known as The New Facebook, represents a total shift in how Facebook looks and works. Here are the four major design updates Facebook released last month. 

The New Facebook

During the F8 2019 conference, Facebook execs announced their plans to roll out a major redesign effort called The New Facebook. This interface update emphasizes Groups and Events — which are two of the biggest reasons people visit Facebook daily — and downplays the News Feed. Facebook describes the design as cleaner with more of an all-white look as well as a dark mode option.

The all-new, all-white design is cleaner, brighter, and much more contemporary.

However, if you’re not a fan of the ultra-bright look, Facebook decided to also offer a dark mode option for the platform as well as for Messenger in the wake of the dark mode trend’s growing popularity over the past year.

News Feed and Groups

Perhaps the biggest change to Facebook’s interface, however, is making Groups more prominent while downplaying the News Feed feature. Facebook states that the Groups Tab has been overhauled to making finding new groups even easier and that the feed from each group may serve as the replacement for the News Feed. With this new emphasis on Groups, users will be able to see more connections within groups and among other features, such as Marketplace and Facebook Watch.

For those of you who’re wondering about the changes Facebook made back in September and October, here’s the third infographic in our series of four — yes, we know it was a while ago that we published the other two, but we’ll be rounding out the series next month with our fourth and final infographic about LinkedIn — detailing the updates Facebook released at the end of 2019.

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