Video marketing is essential for businesses, and it can be a beast of a topic to handle. Video marketing can mean encapsulating your brand identity, key sales tactics and creative identity in video while using data as well as technology to distribute your videos to your target audience.

Video production can be a massive undertaking unto itself which is why it’s a great idea to enlist video production companies to help you execute your vision according to your marketing strategy.

Well-executed video content can be your greatest asset in driving sales, online traffic, social engagement and much more. There are an innumerable amount of things to be managed, and potential obstacles that can occur throughout the video production process.

It’s worth working with experienced video production companies to get it right, because they will think of – and be prepared to handle – things that you won’t:

video production company1. How to get the most mileage out of your production budget

Many new clients come to us to create a video because they want to achieve one specific goal, or they have one specific idea. But, as long as you’re putting all of that time and effort into filming valuable footage, why not use that asset to its fullest ability?

Video production companies can and should identify various ways to use your video content. They can do this by learning more about your company, products, services and overall goals, or by partnering with your in-house marketing or management teams to find new ways to complement a variety of initiatives or campaigns.

video production company2. The small details that really make your video successful

Video leaves an impression on viewers, delivered by more than just the words that are spoken in a script. We assess so much about other people within the first few seconds of seeing them, based on their size, clothing style, the way they speak, even the way they move.

Professional quality to the video itself can also make a huge difference. You have less than 3 seconds to capture attention, so having a professional-looking video can increase the number of people who even take interest and start watching it.

Every visual or creative element in a video contributes to the overall message and impression received by the viewer. Elements like:

commercial production nj

  • Casting – Age, demographic, on-screen appearance, script delivery and range.
  • Wardrobe – Style, lifestyle or brand color representation.
  • Video Quality – HD? What shooting style will be used?
  • Props & Location – Do they reflect the right lifestyle or demographic?
  • Lighting – Does it set the right mood and look realistic?
  • Music and Sound effects – Do they blend well with the visuals and not distract?
  • Graphic or Animation styles – Modern? Traditional? Do they match the essence of your brand?
  • Final Edit – Pacing, length and editing style.

So, while you might be content to focus on the general visual outline of a video and the actual script, these above points are just some of the small details video production companies won’t overlook.

video production companies3. How to handle every inevitable “bump in the road”

Experienced video production companies will have the ability to actually carry all of the above facts, pieces or outlines of information through the entire video production process successfully.

Like any production or large project, the video production process always comes with unexpected challenges or obstacles, such as:

  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Inclement weather
  • Actors who become ill or aren’t performing as expected
  • Wardrobe malfunctions
  • Changes in approval or direction from your company
  • Changes in deadlines or dates
  • Changes in specifications for broadcast or distribution

An experienced team will know how to pivot and work within the framework you have both established in planning.

Video production companies should always be able to confront challenges with a positive attitude and a wealth of ideas on how to achieve what is needed. It’s worth it to invest in an experienced team that works like a well-oiled machine and can think of everything …so that you don’t have to!


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