There’s no two-ways about it: Video is the most effective and engaging way to reach people and communicate a ton of information on the web as well as via social media platforms, mobile devices and more.  Check out some of the types of video content we’ve produced for clients, starting with:

This 15-second video we produced for eLEND quickly earned hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube alone!


Brand videos

Successful web videos don’t just tell viewers about something, they SHOW viewers. This is a great example of a web video that doesn’t even utilize spoken dialogue or on-screen text. Rather it uses actors in action and creative elements such as editing, music, lighting effects and more to show how a product is used, but also to communicate a feeling and a lifestyle.


Company Overview videos

There’s no better way to introduce your brand on the Home Page of your website than with a Company Overview video.  It enhances your SEO, increases visitor time spent on your website, and establishes a connection and relationship with the viewer.

A good Overview should tell visitors who you are, what you do, and what’s special about your business or brand, ideally in less than 90 seconds.


Bio videos

Bio videos are an amazing way to connect a viewer with the individual or team they would potentially be working with. Bio videos can be short, sweet and fun, or they can be more serious, heartfelt or conservative.  Either way they are key to establishing trust and connection across a digital mode of communication.

Grey Sky Films is the area’s leading digital video production agency. We are a team of passionate filmmakers that have joined forces to put our talents to use in the corporate world. Our specialties include concept development, video marketing strategy, and delivering uniquely creative production and post-production services. Based in Morris County New Jersey, our expert in-house team works with businesses and brands of all sizes throughout northern NJ and beyond.

We’ll join forces with you, your marketing team, or your agency partners, to develop video content that will resonate with your target audience. Our unique combination of strategy and creativity helps our clients use their videos to rank higher in online searches, increase their sales, and stand out from the competition. We’ll collaborate on any level to produce video content for broadcast, corporate, training and sales, brand awareness, for web, mobile, and social media.

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Company overview videos

A company overview is the essential piece of video content for any business or brand. An overview video is an introduction to your company, products, services, team, or mission. Overview videos are perfect to place on your website’s home page, helping you to rank higher in online searches, while captivating and engaging visitors who are new to your digital domicile.

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Team or individual bio videos

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Process overview videos

Process overview videos are a dynamic way to educate viewers in an easily digestible and engaging manner. Showing a step-by-step process of how something will be achieved, or how a product is made, empowers your customers with a deeper understanding of your business, and a greater appreciation for your expertise.

Let’s Get Started

With our unique combination of creativity and strategic way of thinking, we can help your business produce video content that fits your every need. Our team of passionate filmmakers continuously work to develop video content that can successfully resonate with any target audience. Let’s get started!

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Animated explainer videos

Do you have a product, service, or process that you’d like explained in a simplified way? This is the beauty of an animated explainer video. On-screen movement and timing of text, illustrations, or images can enhance the viewer’s understanding of the overall message. Animation can be achieved in a variety of ways, and we’ll work with you to determine which style works best to tell your story, and make it resonate with your target audience.

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Blog videos

A video blog is an effective way to consistently engage customers, staff, or fans of your brand. Share regularly with customers to enhance brand presence, communicate special promotions, or tips for success. Share internally to educate staff, or distribute consistent leadership or industry news. Develop recurring video content that will keep your customers or team engaged across digital, mobile, and social media platforms.

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Scripted original series

Looking to create the next online scripted sensation? Maybe you want to produce a fun scripted video about your business culture, starring your staff members. Perhaps you want to create next-level content for brand awareness and social engagement. Whatever your goal, we’ll work with you to develop your creative, scripting, casting, and production services to bring your characters, and your brand, to life.