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VidSocial keeps your audience talking.

VidSocial Gives You

Two Filming Sessions

  • 8-hour filming session in Months 1 & 7.
  • Two-person crew.
  • Professional camera, lighting & audio.

Four Videos Per Month

  • Four 15-20 second edits per month.
  • Professional editing, easy digital delivery.
  • Monthly calls to guide content.

Ongoing Video Content

  • Share professional-quality videos.
  • Optimized for social and mobile viewing.
  • Ongoing video content for your brand.

Video Micro-Content

Today, short videos pack a big punch – especially in social media feeds or on mobile devices.

The Process is Simple

Our team offers you stellar communication and expert guidance throughout the video production process:


Planning sessions months 1 & 7. Monthly calls to keep projects on task and on time.


Up to 8-hours production time with a 2-person crew, camera, lighting & audio in months 1 & 7.


Four 15-20 second professionally edited videos per month, royalty-free music and digital delivery.


Share a consistent supply professional video content, optimized for mobile and social.

It’s Easy And Affordable

Get 48 videos for the year with just one deposit and 12 easy monthly payments!

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