Create Ongoing Video Content

With this strategic partnership plan, the production doesn’t have to end with just one video! We can help you use video throughout the entire customer journey to help build better relationships. Enhance every key performance area within your business, from brand image to marketing, sales and operations, with an ongoing strategy and a library of video content.

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We’re Not All Talk

We have the case studies to show you exactly how VidFinity can transform your business and what results you can expect to see.


Building brand awareness isn’t just about getting the most views on your video, it’s about getting the right views.

Sadaka Assocaites was able to increase their targeted awareness by 1600% in an 80 day period by including video into their strategy.


Online video is very effective (a person can retain 95% of a video after 72 hours vs. 10% of text they’ve read) and very searchable (video appears in almost 70% of the top 100 search listings).

With the right video content, your business can leverage your marketing analytics to target the right customers with the right video message.


Video marketing can help your company sell more & lead to high conversion rates on your marketing efforts – it’s that simple.

Creation Crate is the perfect example of this – in just 30 days, their video produced nearly 10k in new revenue.

The Benefits of our Video Production Partnership

Get preferred hourly rates & all-inclusive budget structure.

Get consistent creative development from our team.

We’ll move mountains for you. Get top priority for scheduling & more.

Get a partner that understands your business goals & path to success.