As a team we developed 11 core values to live and perform by, with the ultimate goal of knocking the socks off of every one of our clients and colleagues in NJ, NYC, and beyond!

We seek to deliver passion, creativity, outstanding communication, and an overall “rock star” experience with every production we create or collaborate on.  Check out our core values by exploring the icons below.

Smell It

Stop and smell the roses daily. Appreciate the good things in your life every day.

Check It

Check your ego at the door. Be proudly humble. Have pride in everything that you do, while never being condescending or arrogant.

Love It

Be inspired, be passionate. Be inspired by everything around you, be passionate about what you do and let your passion inspire others.

Positivify It

No negatives, be positive! Every day you have the choice to be in a positive or negative mood. Choose positive! Approach everything in your life with a smile.

Improve It

Always be 1% better. We can always improve. Make mistakes, learn from them, every mistake is an opportunity to learn, grow, and get better.

Own It

Take ownership. Take pride in every task that you do, no matter how small, and do it to the best of your ability.

Communicate It

Open and honest communication. It creates a positive and successful environment, people need to be able to rely on and trust each other. Create honest and respectful relationships with open communication. Have each other’s backs.

Weird It

Have fun, promote quirkiness and weirdness. Everyone is more productive when they can feel comfortable being their weird, fun self. Encourage others around you to have fun and be themselves as well.

Embrace It

Embrace change. Change is the only thing that stays the same, the world is constantly changing and evolving and it is important to be flexible and adjust with those changes. Prepare for change, be open to it, and accept it.

Teach It

Teach, educate, help. Take time to teach someone something new and explain the process or reason behind what you are doing.

Rock It

Treat everyone like rock stars. Make it about them. Who is ‘them’? Let the other person know that they are important to you. Seize the opportunity to make someone else feel special!