For over a decade we’ve been producing professional branded corporate video content for businesses throughout Morris County and the greater NYC area.

Businesses and corporations use video in so many ways. Document awards and special events to share with the public, film presentations to share company-wide, or create engaging training videos and tutorials. Explore below to learn more…

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonial & case study videos are some of the most powerful and persuasive marketing tools. They play an uber-important role in influencing decision-makers and buyers, and can be shown online or re-purposed for various presentations, press releases, or live events.

Video testimonials and case-studies allow viewers to see and hear a real-life success story and genuine results, drastically enhancing trust, increasing engagement, and improving conversions.

Video Newsletter Production

Video Newsletters, Blogs, or Press Releases

These highly-effective marketing tools can help your business increase customer engagement, enhance knowledge and communication, or even streamline operations! Reach your clients weekly, monthly, or quarterly with updates on company events, industry news, education, DIY tips, or to address frequently asked questions.

You can also gear your video newsletter or blog for internal use: broadcasting consistent messaging to employees and staff, and ensuring everyone is up-to-date on the same news and education.

Corporate Communications Videos NJ

Communications Videos

Using videos in corporate communications can reinforce corporate branding, convey transparency, enhance engagement and maximize the attention span of your audience. Communicate your most important news and directives clearly, effectively, and consistently across multiple digital channels: websites or intranet sites, email, mobile phones, and tablets.

A professional video adds richness to your message by combining spoken words, musical cues or sound effects with high-quality video, images, logos, or graphics.

Let’s Get Started

Businesses have successfully used video to create everything from video newsletters to training videos. With so many different ways to develop professional branded video-content, you wouldn’t want to miss out! Let’s get started!

Video Production Agency NJ

Training Videos

Make high-quality training and support available to your employees and your customers alike. Increase safety compliance, train new hires, and supplement call centers with internal training videos; or, provide product support (not to mention sparking additional engagement with buyers!) by offering How-to and DIY videos. As a uniquely creative video production agency, we can help deliver your training in an authentic way that will resonate and engage your viewer.

Video Production Agency NJ

Special Event Highlights or Sizzle Reels

Capture your strongest PR moments (charity galas, awards dinners, special presentations, parties, anniversaries, and more) with a single video that shows off every detail that made your event a success. Highlight videos, also called “sizzle” reels, can be inspiring, compelling, and motivational.

They can also be used in various ways: send out your reel after an event as a great way to thank guests or donors, use reels as teasers for future events, and host them on your website to advertise activities and causes you support.

Video Marketing Agency NJ

Marketing Reels

Similar to a “sizzle” reel, a marketing reel will promote your company’s strongest moments as a brand. Highlight your company’s recent achievements, awards, successful marketing campaigns, special events, new website or other technology launches, and other outstanding initiatives in one energetic or motivational video that will boost your brand image and inspire your employees, customers, and fans.

Video Marketing Agency NJ

Annual Reports

Give your traditional written reports a swift kick in the you-know-what by turning them into something that informs, engages, and inspires your organization’s employees, volunteers, sponsors, or partners. Offer a special inside view of day-to-day operations and key events, or utilize engaging interview footage with an important person, leader, or celebrity.

Video is a dynamic way to communicate, and the best way to have your content resonate and engage viewers across mobile and social media platforms.


Employee Bio Video – Investors Bank


Anniversary Video – Highline Capital


Testimonial – Community Food Bank of NJ