Based in Morris County, NJ, Grey Sky Films has produced broadcast content for regional, national, and global brands. Whether you’re looking to create 30-second local advertisements, nation-wide spots, documentaries, short films, or pilots, we’ll collaborate at any level to bring your concept or story to life.

As a full-service digital video production agency, we’ve partnered with marketing and creative agencies, in-house marketing teams, and directly with business owners to take on any portion of the project: creative development, scripting, casting, production, or post-production. We are team players, and whatever the end-game may be, we’re always ready and willing to knock it out of the park!

Video Production Agency NJ

HD television commercials

Grey Sky Films produces professional HD-quality commercials for television broadcast. From 30-second local commercials to nation-wide spots, our expert production team will work with you to get the right look, and the right message, in front of your target audience.

Video Production Agency NJ

Short films, documentaries, TV shows & short-form content

Maybe you’ve always wanted to make a short film and you don’t know where to start? Or, maybe you’re a master of movie-making and need a skilled team for your next big project…either way, Grey Sky Films has award-winning documentary producers, writers, and an experienced crew ready to help with your next cinematic project.

Let’s Get Started

Broadcasting content for regional, national and global brands is something we’re very familiar with. No matter the length or type of video content you’re looking to create, we’re here to help! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!